about me

Mr. Sachin Mehra, a Vedic Astrologer practices Astrology and Vastu and devises simple solutions to resolve problems in personal, professional and social life using research based scientific methods. Be it career, marriage, progeny, education, money or a moment of indecision, his readings will facilitate you to take right decisions at the right time. Business professionals, designers, artists, and people from all walks of life seek his guidance on a continual basis. His clients comprises of people from all over India & abroad who consult him on Phone or WhatsApp or visit his chamber. He started with one motto to increase the quality of life of people with the use of astrology and has been successful in it.


Years of experience

A house becomes a home when it becomes enveloped with love and care which the family gives it but what can be troubling for the family is if the house becomes a cause for family troubles. This has been the case with many people all around the globe where the wrong time or situation of the house/workplace has created constant troubles for the people occupying the place. Mr Sachin has a solid experience to his credit and has a proud list of clients all around the world who look up to him for sincere guidance.